Demo: Creating a responsive soundtrack with FMOD

Recently I wrote a brief post about the use of FMOD for interactive audio implementation so I created this video to get under the hood of a simple FMOD project. Using one control parameter from the game engine – in this case, 3 levels of “tension” – I created an FMOD project to demonstrate some features of FMOD that enable sound designers to add variety and responsiveness to a soundtrack.

A few features of FMOD I used in this project include:

  • Multi-sound modules were used to load 7 piano phrases played in rubato that are triggered in random order to add variety.
  • Automation was used to enable dynamic control of levels and probability factors in the multi-sound module. Automation can be assigned to any parameters within FMOD.
  • Transition zones, loop zones and a sting zone are used to create musical arrangements that respond to the in-game tension level.

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